Graphic Designer &
Watercolor Artist

Elle & Jamie

September 5, 2020 - Richford, VT
Purrier Farm
St. Pierre Sugarhouse

Items Created: Invitation, Reception, & COVID-19 Cards. Table numbers, Table Seating Display, and Signage. Custom Poem Gift for Bride’s Parents

The Bride and Groom met in high school and shared a deep love and family tradition for farming and raising dairy cows. Being so deeply connected to the land and their animals, they wanted to feature their favorite cow on the invitation, as we’ll as the specific flowers that would be in the Bride’s bouquet - garnet roses and cala lillies, as well as blue thistle native to Northern Vermont

The Bride texted me photos of their favorite cow and I custom watercolored her face to feature on the inviation - so if it looks a little asymmetrical, that’s because it is in real life too! 

The Bride found a whimsical and romantic typeface for their names, which I customized to link their names with a heart.